GO Virginia Grant to Fund New Agricultural Supply Chain Project

March 24, 2021
Local Food Network and partner Common Grain Alliance have been awarded a state grant to streamline local distribution and supply chain logistics.… Read more

What is a CSA?

January 28, 2021
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is essentially a marketing and production model where consumers buy shares (sort of like a subscription) of a farmer’s harvest in advance. To become a member, the consumer usually pays the farmer in advance for the upcoming growing season, paying a lump sum initially, or making payments throughout the season. … Read more

Why local?

January 1, 2021
“Local food” … “Farm-to-table" … “Support local” I’m sure you’ve either heard or seen these words while shopping or scrolling on the internet, but why are these words and phrases becoming mainstream? Well, because of all the great benefits of buying local.… Read more

Local Food Network selected to S2V accelerator

December 17, 2020
Fresh off completing the RAMP accelerator and identifying a clear avenue for growth, Local Food Network carries its momentum into another technology accelerator: Staunton-based S2V.… Read more

Local Food Network selected to RAMP accelerator

July 1, 2020
Local Food Network is pleased to announce the company's selection to participate in Roanoke-based business accelerator RAMP: the Regional Acceleration and Mentoring Program.… Read more